Styles come and go all of the time, that’s why they’re called trends, of course! There are some trends this summer that I have been absolutely loving! My big thing this summer is fashionable comfort. There’s no reason why women can’t look fashionable and still be comfortable in what they’re wearing.

The one item that I know will be my go to outfit this summer is most definitely dresses! It is so nice to just be able to throw on one item and be completely dressed! Maxi dresses are the most comfortable for me, and for most women I would imagine. My three favorite dresses so far are pictured above, and they are all strapless. I have a couple of tattoos on my back, and these are the perfect dresses to show them off! Not only are these dresses super comfy and adorable, they are also nice and cool to wear during the summer.

Blue and White Striped (Also in black&white) | Blue Floral | Multi-Colored Striped

I have been in love with this denim jacket from The Limited. I used to despise denim jackets, but then I thought I would give them one more try and ordered this one. Let me tell you, best decision!! This is one of the most comfortable jackets ever. This particular denim is lightweight and the material is stretchy, making it a one of a kind. I love pairing this jacket with one of my maxi dresses if I will be in a cool place. This jacket also looks fantastic with a pair of white shorts!

Denim Jacket 


Let’s talk about the shoe trend that has taken this season by storm! Block heels are one of the best types of heels, in my opinion. The thick heel makes it so much easier to walk in, making it a great heel for even those women are less experienced with heels. I love these two heels in particular because of their color and designs. The first pair shown is by Steve Madden. I absolutely love how this covers most of the top of the foot. This is a great pair if you do not want to draw too much attention to the shoes, but still want a fashionable heel. The second pair is from the brand Merona. I love the design of the multiple straps going across. I think that these are the perfect heels to wear with a cute summer dress, or even with shorts. The design gives it a more casual feel, to me.

Steve Madden | Merona

Now let’s talk about two makeup trends that I am  totally feeling this summer. Highlighting and lip glosses! Every page I go to online, it seems as if everyone is talking about what products they are using to create their summer glow. I have never seen such a desire for such a shinning highlight as I have seen lately. But I am absolutely loving it! There are two highlighting palettes that I have been using religiously. The top one shown is the Jaclyn Hill X Becca collaboration called Champagne Glow. The top three colors of the palette are different shades of blush, and the bottom two colors are the two highlighters: Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop.  Champagne Pop is, as you could imagine, a shimmery champagne color, where as Prosecco Pop is a shimmery gold color. These are wonderfully creamy, and apply so smoothly. The palette will be back in stock at Sephora on the 16th!  I love mixing these two, and adding some of the Sleek highlight (shown on the bottom of the image) as well. I have never seen  a highlight that is so bright and shiny. If you want an extreme highlight, this is the one for you!  The other makeup trend that I am loving is colorful lip glosses. When I want a super creamy, very pigmented gloss, I go for one of my Anastasia Beverly Hill glosses (pictured left). When I want a super glossy, cool and refreshing gloss, I go for my Buxom Lip Cream. This gloss has hints of menthol in it and is so refreshing!

Champagne Glow | Sleek Highlighting Palette | Anastasia Lip Gloss | Buxom Lip Cream

Leave me a comment as to what your favorite summer trends are!



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