Two of my loves have finally come together: Harry Potter and Makeup! When Storybook Cosmetics announced that they were going to be releasing these Potter inspired brushes, I could not contain my excitement. For so long, people have looked at fans of these series  as weird or geeky. Bringing the fandom into the beauty industry is such an amazing movement. This shows that you don’t have to fit into the stereotypical idea of what you should be like just based off of what you enjoy.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these brushes. I did not expect them to be made from metal, and have a heavy feel to them. They feel extremely sturdy and durable, and I am not worried about them coming apart. And the bristles on the brushes are extremely soft! I love that even though there are only five brushes, the diversity of the types of brushes is perfect. I will admit, I have not actually used the brushes yet, due to the fact that I am not sure if I want to use them, or keep them as collectibles. Either way, I am extremely happy to have purchased  these while I could.

Storybook  Cosmetics has so many amazing products that will be coming out this year! While they will not be doing another release of these specific designs, they do have five brand new wand designs that are coming out! Following their Instagram page is the best way to keep track on their updates. You can follow them here!

Let me know of any cool Harry Potter or makeup items you come across as well! 🙂



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