It’s time for another book review! I received Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake in my December OwlCrate box. If you don’t already know, OwlCrate is a monthly Young Adult book box that not only sends you a book each month, but also a few literary inspired items as well! To sign up, go here!

The main premise of the book is that each generation there are a set of triplet queens born. After they turn sixteen, only one of them can be the queen of the island, so it comes to a sort of fight to the death between the sisters. Each of the sisters have their own powers: one is a poisoner (ability to survive poison), one is a naturalist (has control over nature), and the third is an elemental (control over the elements).

I thought there was great character development with the three sisters throughout the whole story. I felt that I really got a sense of each of them and how they really felt about the process of ascending to queen.

There was slight hints of romances within the story, but the did not overpower the storyline. I think this is great, especially because the story is focused on three female leads. There are so many stories that have female leads that are focused around their love lives. It is refreshing to see a story that does not have such a focus on that.

The story definitely leaves on a HUGE cliffhanger! Luckily, book two will be coming out later this year! If you are interested in royal ascensions, sister relationships, and a taste of magic, then I recommend this book for sure!

If you have recently read a new book, let me know which one so I can try it out too! 🙂




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