Book Review: Stolen, by Lucy Christopher

One of my passions in life is reading; to me there is no better way to end your night than with a good book and a glass of red wine. Today I would like to talk about the book Stolen by Lucy Christopher. I picked up this book on the recommendation of one of my good friends who is also a lover of literature (Shout out to Rachel!). I am so glad that I took her recommendation! This is unlike any other book that I have read so far. It tells the story of a young girl who is kidnapped, and shows the life she was forced to live during that time.

The novel is in the second person narrative from the character, Gemma. This type of narrative is not the most common when it comes to literature, and is one of the reasons why this novel has stood out to me so much. Instead of the story being told in the present, or even just a typical retelling of events, this story is written in the form of a letter. It is not just any type of letter though, it is a letter written to the man that kidnapped her.

It is a beautifully written story that showcases some of the effects that the victims of abductions can incur. We see the complex feelings of fear, desire for escape, and the beginnings of Stockholm Syndrome developing in Gemma. Her captor, Ty, has hopes of Gemma falling in love with him, and we see the progression of what exactly this case of abduction and Stockholm Syndrome can do to someone. It is so interesting to see the changes in someone’s mind when they experience an event such as this.

I would most definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a story that will captivate you and tell you a story of events that we don’t experience in our daily lives, then I definitely think you should pick this up! You can buy it here!



P.S. What are some of your favorite books?


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Sephora Haul & Review!

Hello, everyone!

Recently I went a little crazy at Sephora, so I decided to write a post showing and reviewing my new purchase haul! The haul contains mostly of cosmetics, but there are some hair and fragrance products as well! Most of these products are from brands that I already have been loving, but I decided to try some new ones as well! I will link each product as well! So let’s get right into this!

There are three products that I do not have close up pictures of: an Anastasia Beverly Hills brow definer, Too Faced “Better than Sex” mascara, and Tarte’s “Tarteist” eyeliner. These are some of my all time favorite eye products!! The ABH brow definer is the best brow product that I have ever used. I have been using it in the shade Auburn, but in this purchase I decided to try the shade Taupe due to me phasing from being a redhead to a blonde. This is such a great shade! The Too Faced mascara is definitely the best that I have ever used! It gives both great volume and length. It has been so hard for me to find a mascara that can do both for me, but Too Faced was able to provide that! As for the Tarte eyeliner, what I love about this is that there is the pencil on one end, and a felt tip on the other. This makes doing winged liner such a breeze!



The first two lip products that I want to talk about are both Anastasia Beverly Hills. I have been loving her liquid lipsticks and lip glosses, and when they released some new shades not too long ago, I just had to try this one! The liquid lipstick is shown on the top in the picture with the lipgloss right beneath it. Both of these are in the shade Rio. This is such a fun color to wear, especially right now in the spring, almost summer weather. The lipstick (the left swatch on my hand) dries to a very smooth matte. It looks a little glossy in the picture due to the lighting, but when I have it on my lips, once it dries I cannot even tell that I have anything on. The gloss is the right swatch on my hand, and is a very pigmented gloss. It stays on so well, and is so creamy! Bonus, it smells like cake! If you are looking for a new liquid lip or gloss, and love high pigment, I definitely recommend Anastasia Beverly Hills!


This is the third lip product that I got in my haul: Bite Beauty lipstick in the shade Gin Fizz! I absolutely love this lipstick. I previously owned this lipstick in a nude and very light pink shade. I wanted to try a more neutral, every day pink so I decided on this one. One of the things that I love about that this brand is that it stays on your lips so well. I put this on and don’t have to reapply for hours, if it all. This one smells like a fruity candy!


There are three face products that I got in the haul. On the right hand side of the picture is the Bare Mineral’s Ready Foundation, and this is one of my staple face products! It is the best face powder that I have ever used, and will never use a different one. This is in the shade Fairly Light. I deal with acne and oily skin, and was always afraid of using just powder due to the redness that I have; this powder, however, provides the best full coverage. Despite the full coverage, it still manages to feel lightweight and allows your skin to breathe. The mineral powder is also very beneficial for your skin. I decided to try out the Kat Von D Lock It foundation for the first time, and let me tell you that I am blown away by the long lasting coverage it provides! Two pumps of this and it is stuck on my face for the whole day. The shade I got this in is Light 46. This is quickly becoming one of my ride or die products! The last face product I purchased was the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer. I have been hearing Jaclyn Hill rave about this concealer so I thought that it was time for me to finally try it out! It is very light and creamy, and actually provides a lightness to my skin (which is hard to do considering my very fair skin). I got the shade Fair Neutral.




I have been dying to try the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits, and finally got the Glow Kit in Gleam! I have not tried these on my face yet, but I swatched them on my arm. The swatches from top to bottom are Crushed Pearl, Starburst, Mimosa, and then Hard Candy. Hard Candy is difficult to see on my arm because it seems to be very similar to my own skin tone, with a shimmer to it. I think this is going to be really good for when I just want to do a subtle highlight. So far, Starburst and Crushed Pearl are my favorite from this palette. Can’t wait to try these out on my face!


I got another highlighter, the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in the shade Pink Quartz. I would definitely consider this more of a bronze-ish pink, but I do think that the lighting does it seem a little more brown than what it really is. I think this is a great color to wear for the summer!

Now for the last two products! On the left is the Verb Sea Spray. I have not used this product yet, but got it because of Jaclyn Hill’s recommendation. I was currently using Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray (which is what Jaclyn said she used to use too), so when she said that she likes this one better, I had to order it! On the right is, of course, the perfume Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I have been wanting this perfume for so long, but was holding off on getting it because of the price. But I decided to treat myself to this for graduating college, and finally got it! Of course it is a floral fragrance, but it is also such a happy smell, if that makes sense. This is definitely becoming my favorite fragrance to wear this summer.

I hope you guys enjoyed! Please let me know in the comments what products you love so that I can try them out! 🙂

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Graduating From University

I am 22 years old and I just completed my final semester for my undergraduate degree. I am now free of the time commitment that schooling requires, and I don’t even know what to do with myself now! For my whole life my routine was school, summer, school again, and as  I got older, a job was thrown into the mix as well. In one week I will walk across the stage and receive my Bachelors Degree. What do I do now?

Just in the few days that I have had since I submitted my last assignment, I already have the sense that I don’t know what I should be doing with myself. I immediately started worrying about what kind of career I was going to get. Should I go back to get my Masters degree? If I do, how long should I wait before going back? These and a million more questions have been running through my mind. But then I realized that I needed to slow down and just take a deep breath. I am only 22 years old and I have the rest of my life to figure out all of these questions. I worked so hard throughout my high school career to go to college with a scholarship (which I was able to get) and I worked extremely hard in my college career in order to graduate with honors (which I will be doing! 🙂 ). After all of this hard work, I decided that I deserve some Me Time.

This is the time of my life when I can do whatever I want to. Binge watch Netflix on a day off? Sure, why not! Read a new novel for pleasure? Absolutely! I just moved to a new state and now I finally have the time where I can venture out to new places and try new things here! I am so excited to finally not have to worry about homework deadlines and worrying about whether or not I got a good enough grade on my assignment.

After being in school for sixteen years of my life, I finally have the freedom to do me! If you are just graduating college, or even high school, make sure that you enjoy this time. Do the things that you didn’t have the time to do before. Try something new, whether that is trying a new food or restaurant, or going to a new place and experiencing a new beauty of nature.

What are some of the things that you will do once you graduate? I would love to hear some ideas and suggestions!

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Welcome to my Blog!

Hello, everyone! I have decided to start a blog for the things that I love in life. I have many passions, and I want to share them with you. I have always been an avid reader and writer, and decided to take that passion to share my other passions. Some of these passions include books, music, fashion, beauty, and traveling. Instead of choosing just one topic to focus on for blogging, I wanted to be able to talk about it all. I feel that this will make my blog more relatable to a wider audience, and that is something that is important to me. So if you are interested in the ever exciting life of a girl living in her twenties, please come along for the ride!

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